Writing a personal statement

It’s All About Me

 Putting together the chronological information of you CV, such as employment and education, is in itself simple if not a little time consuming, but is this information helping you stand out from the crowd? 

While you may think that this is all of the information you need to market yourself to potential employers, a personal statement or profile can give your CV the extra oompf you need to secure your newest job.


What is it?

A personal statement or profile is basically the blurb, the foreword to a novel or a headline to a newspaper, something stands out and screams read more to a anyone that is reading it. This small paragraph sits at the top of your CV. It tells people who you are, your key achievements and the skills and strengths that you have. These should be prudent to the sector that you are applying for. 

People are often put off writing a personal statement, or find it difficult to shout about themselves however as a mentor said to me “You don’t have to blow your trumpet, just let people know you have one”


Is it necessary?

No.. you don’t need have to have a personal statement in your CV. There are no rules or laws that must be abided too in the world of writing a CV…however a study showed that recruiters spent an average of 8.8 seconds reading a CV, you need to give a reason to read on.

Personal statements can grab the attention and persuade recruiters to read on because you are telling them, from the off, why you are the right person for the job.